Our experienced Loan Officers will guide you through the necessary steps to obtain your loan. They will take the time, answer any questions, and are available throughout the life of your loan. There are no dumb questions!

Often, first-time borrowers start with a small loan such as for the purchase of a vehicle.

The loan officer will need to know details about your intended purchase. For example, if it is for the purchase of a vehicle the Loan Officer will need to know the year, make, model, mileage and price of the vehicle.

The Loan Officer will discuss repayment terms. Having an idea of how much you are able to pay each month will be helpful in determining the structure of the loan.

When you sign the loan paperwork you are signing legal documents. You are promising to repay the loan along with interest and any costs associated with making the loan. All of these costs are outlined on the paperwork that you sign. You are also promising to make your payments on time. (This is the best way to establish good credit.) Arranging for automatic payments from your checking or savings account is available. You are also promising to give the title to your collateral (in this example, your vehicle) to the Bank while the loan is in effect. You will also be required to carry insurance on the collateral.

Generally, payments are made monthly. This is called an installment loan.

Working with your Loan Officer throughout the term of your loan is a good way to develop a life-long positive experience with your banking partner – the Security State Bank of Kenyon.

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